Today’s Feature: TimeSmart Images 5 Year Anniversary!!!

Can you believe it!!!  5 years — SERIOUSLY — 5 years!!!

It amazes me every time I think about it.  When Dawn and I started talking about taking a chance and going for it.  That’s what we called it “Going for it” … we knew it would be a long hard road.  We had so much to learn.  Not only in photography, but in business.   Geez – we had to come up with a website!  With pictures on it!!  Had to learn how to edit.  And lets not forget — a business NAME!!   Ooh, we prayed long and hard on that one.   Do we specialize in weddings?  Seniors?  Babies?  Corporate?  Our minds went in every direction possible.  We were taking a BIG chance – and how would we live on only one income?    Would anyone want us to photograph them.  Would seniors think we are too old, uncool…  Could we make this work.  Should we take the chance – we had been shooting on the side for years — but to go for it — go full time!!  Could we do it!!

We made LOTS of mistakes.  Bought things we really didn’t need.  Didn’t understand lighting as much as we should have.   I went to school for photography while my husband was in the Navy, but that was with film.  Digital – that’s totally different.  Then there’s Bob – Dawn’s husband, my brother … could we rope him in (haha).

5 years —  lots and lots of classes.  Competitions.   Networking.   AND many long, long work days — we DID IT.   We took the chance.  One that I will never regret.  I’m doing what I totally love.    Bob & Dawn would agree… if you are thinking about being a photographer, a professional one… buying a good camera doesn’t make you a professional.  Lots of hard work.  Lots of passion.  AND lots of sleepless nights will get you closer to your dream.

So to thank our zillion clients (yes, zillion – there has to be that many by now)

We are offering you this first time ever 50% discounts for the next 5 days!!


THANK YOU for trusting us to be part of your life ~ Francine, Bob & Dawn








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