Natalie + Eric | Phipps Conservatory Intimate Wedding

Their wedding was intimate with only immediate family present to celebrate the love they shared and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  Natalie and Eric chose the Brodierie Room in the historic, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Schenley Park – Pittsburgh, PA. for their ceremony which was lined with hedged gardens and an Italian well that was modeled after Louis XIV French chateau… a perfect setting for Natalie who wore a soft flowing wedding gown from Anthropology with a bodice of gold.

Eric is my son-in-law’s (Jeff) brother, the last 60+ days has had a lot of ups and down’s with their dad in ICU and most recently in West Penn’s rehab unit.  Until the week of their wedding they weren’t 100% sure that he would be able to attend — they even talked about holding the ceremony at the hospital if needed — I smiled big when I heard his doctors approved a day pass for him to attend his son’s wedding — and smiled even bigger when they told me they decided to do a first-look at Phipps… what a great day!!!   When it comes to first-looks, there’s something special about that moment of anticipation when you lock eyes and know that this is your day the one you have both dreamt of for months.  I find it very romantic!!

She grew up in Tidioute, PA and he in Baldwin, PA. … here is their story

How we met:

Eric and I met while we attended college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He was pursuing his degree in history and mine in psychology. After Eric graduated in 2012 we reconnected a year later via social media. Eric was living in Pittsburgh and would drive to IUP every weekend to visit me. We started officially dating September 14, 2013. We fell in love quickly and after I graduated college Eric and I decided to move in together and adopt the cutest cat ever, Luna <3.    ~Natalie

How he proposed:

Eric proposed February 18, 2016. I had just gotten home from work opened the refrigerator to start dinner when I noticed a bottle of Moet champagne, I asked him what it was for and he said “for the celebration” and then when I turned the corner he was on one knee and proposed. Eric and I were so excited to start our lives together that we decided on a short engagement and picked September 17, 2016 as our wedding date.   ~Natalie

Many hugs you two … it was a honor ~France

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Photography:  TimeSmart Images – Francine Smith
Wedding Gown:  Anthropology
Flowers:  Barton’s Flowers & Bake Shop
Wedding Cake:  Barton’s Flowers & Bake Shop
Ceremony:  Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
Reception Dinner:  Cornerstone Restaurant






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