Mary T. | Pittsburgh Coldwell Banker Realtor Headshots

I’ve known Mary for years, we would run into each other at parties or events here and there.  So when she called and said she needed new headshots, I was yeahhhh — then she said — its been 10 years, I burst out with the big eyes “Really girl – 10 years!!”  … In the business world its especially important to keep your headshot pics up-to-date.  People like to know who they are meeting, who they are talking to — We ladies change our hairstyles, change our hair color — I can’t be the only one … we go from long to short and short to long.  We all need to keep updated.  Even you guys!!

I remember opening a door to greet one of my clients and the first thing she said before even saying hi was “you look just like your pic”  … lol, I started laughing and said “I sure hope so” … needless to say that was a fun shoot, how could it not be when you start of with a smile and giggles.

So tell me, what does your profile or branding photo say about you?  Would you get the same response when you greet your clients?   If not — then its time to make an appointment.  Believe me I make it painless and fun!!  I’ll go over outfits and ideas, styles and props if you want them.

Meet Mary Torchia … (usually, I don’t use last names, but because she’s a realtor with Coldwell Banker, you may need this info) …  after our phone conversation we talked clothing, headshot needs, how they would be used.  What she was looking for — the first thing she said was “I don’t want them to look stiff, I’m fun and casual” … thats right up my alley — we talked props, hair, eyelashes — ideas.

Here’s a peek of her shoot …    ~hugs Francine

If you are looking for a new home or selling one reach out to Mary at

Are you in need of new headshots or maybe you never had professional ones taken — feel free to contact Francine whose in the South Hills of Pittsburgh or Bobby & Dawn whose studio is in the Moon Township Area. > Contact US




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