Lindsey + Johnny – Their Wedding Day

Johnny & Lindsey are Married and we were honored with documenting their perfect day, right down to the weather.  They asked that I hold off on the preview of their day until they returned from their recent honeymoon in Greece!!!  These two touch my heart in more ways than you can imagine.  The Baranski family has been a part of our family from the day we moved next door … or rather the house behind theirs 29 years ago!!   I’ve watched Johnny grow up to the amazing and kindhearted man he is today.  I watched him loose his dad at a young age,  I’ve watched him go off to war.  I’ve watched him take care of his sister when life threw her way too many curve balls.  I was there when he asked Lindsey to be his wife and I was specially touched when I watched him become her husband.  And on top of it I was honored to be his Godmother. …  {{many hugs}}

How they met by Lindsey:

Interestingly enough Johnny dated one of my best friends in high school. I always thought he was cute but never gave him a second thought because he was off limits. We graduated high school and I had not heard much about him until he enlisted in the Army and left for Afghanistan. Before he left, he vividly remembers me telling him that i was proud of him for enlisting. A year or so passes and Johnny finally comes home from war. His sisters and cousin drag him to Southside the week of his return to celebrate. It just so happens about the same night my friends dragged me to south side as well. We were at the crappiest bar and I looked across and saw a familiar face and flagged him down . It has been history ever since.

How he Proposed:

About 3 years later in April of 2014, Johnny’s mom invited my family over for Easter. I thought nothing of it just assuming it was another family holiday event. I had spoken to Johnny earlier that day and he seemed like he was out of it and hadn’t been listening to a thing I said. When we arrived at the Baranski house, everything seem normal but little did I know there was a proposal planned. Johnny asked me if I wanted to go on an Easter egg hunt in the backyard and I was more than thrilled (still not having a clue about the proposal) He led me to the backyard where we began the egg hunt. He was really pressuring me to fly through the hunt and all I wanted to do was slow down and enjoy each egg. A couple eggs had my favorite chocolate, another an IOU for Fiori’s pizza ( which is as good as gold) and then I got to the last egg which just so happen to be empty. Confused, I turn around to ask Johnny what the deal was with the empty egg, and he was down on one knee and all of my family was on the back porch watching. I think I blacked out after that point haha He had organized everyone to be in town and at the house for this special moment. Francine, the ever so talented photographer and godmother was even there to capture the moment. It was the most amazing day that led into the most amazing engagement and into the the best day of my life on August 22nd 2015.

Enjoy this preview were they were married at the beautiful St. Bernard Church in Mt. Lebanon, PA followed by an amazing and very appropriate reception in the grand ballroom of the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum.

Lindsey and MomLindsey Handmade Bride glassLindsey_Like a BossLindsey_cheers

Lindsey wedding dressLindsey Wedding DetailsLindsey Wedding Details2Lindsey_preceremony prepsLindsey_back of dressGroom getting ReadyLindsey_seeing dress onLindsey_preceremony3Lindsey_beauty Lindsey_1st look by mom and maidsLindsey_gift from groomGroom getting Ready 2guys 2guysLindsey_We are #1Lindsey_wedding flowersLindsey_walking to meet her groomLindsey_emotion of Dad Lindsey and Johnny get marriedLindsey & Johnny_St Bernard ChurchCeremonyLindsey & Johnny_with parentsJohnny & Lindsey MarriedJohnny & LindseyLuckily we arrived at Mellon Institute a few minutes prior to 2 more wedding parties.  Wonder what they would have thought if they saw this fight breakout … lolJohnny & Lindsey_wedding party fight remakeJohnny_guys with their pocket watchesLindsey and her girls_mellon instituteLindsey Wedding Dress and flowers Lindsey & Johnny_Mellon Institute2 Lindsey & Johnny_Mellon InstituteMellonLindsey and JohnnySoilders and Sailersdetails 2 entranceLindsey & Johnny_the ParentsBridal Enterance_remote carLindsey & Johnny_soldiers and sailors Memorialfirst danceLindsey & Johnny_Cut the Cupcake CakedetailsLindsey & Johhny_Soldiers & Sailors Memorialdancing Lindsey & Johnny_DancingLindsey & Johnny_Hamm the EntertainerJohnny and Lindsey's Grandfather_military

4 thoughts on “Lindsey + Johnny – Their Wedding Day

  1. Francine- These photos are gorgeous. You did a spectacular job – and Johnny and Lindsey are such a handsome couple. Many happy and healthy years to them.

  2. Everything about this wedding speaks elegance and beauty from the bride and groom to the mothers of the bride and groom, soldiers and sailors banquet room, and the church. I wish them the gift of growing old together while loving each other everyday as if it were the last. God bless!

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