Branding Headshots … First Impression Counts!!

Today’s Topic:  Classic Headshot

As a business owner you are the face of your business.  You are the face potential clients will essentially look for when browsing your website.  When searching social media.  When on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  It’s your visual brand.  AND no matter what you hear – First Impressions do count.

When was the last time you had a Professional Headshot taken?  Taking a photo with your phone just doesn’t hit the mark.  It’s the whole package, from traditional classic to expressive full body (I’ll touch base on the expressive options in my next post) … today I want to discuss how important it is to keep your headshot up-to-date.  Think about this – do you have shots readily available for media interviews?  Featured articles?  Has your hair changed?  Have you lost or gained weight?  Has it been years since your last photo; are there maybe a few lines now appearing (hand raising)?  Have you changed jobs?  Started a new business?  The list goes on and on…

When a potential client or even a potential boss meets you for the first time – is what they see the same as the person online, on social media?  I’ll never forget the day I opened the door to a new client and her first remark, even before saying hi, was WOW, You look just like your pictures!!!  I just laughed and said “I hope so” lol …

Making a small financial investment in professional photos will show how serious you take your professional career.  Your professional branding.  Today’s world is very fast pace; don’t let a good first impression slip by.

Hope this gave you something to think about.   Click here for more information

Traditional Headshots …   ~ Francine

Here’s a few of my own headshots over the last few years …
(yep I’m one of those who smile and my eyes disappear)

Francine is located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh

Bob & Dawn in the Moon Township Area.

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