Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

This was a quote I came across on Pinterest recently. I looked at that pin, smiled and thought… OMGoosh this is exactly what I have been trying to instill in each of my clients during our shoots.

It doesn’t matter how old, male or female. We each have our own insecurities. I can not count how many times I have heard… I hate my arms. I only look good from one side. My nose is big. I’m fat. I hate my smile. My teeth are crooked. I hate my hair – too curly – too straight. I take terrible pictures. And so on and so on….. I’ve had girls arrive in tears… stressing because they want senior pictures that their friends will look at and say they are beautiful.  Ones that they can look at and feel good about.

When you walk in, do you know what I see. Eyes!! It doesn’t matter what size or how tall or how short you are.  It doesn’t matter that your face has broken out and that your hair is having a crazy day.  I see your “eyes”.  I can tell from them if you have confidence or if you are shy and feeling totally awkward.  I can tell if your mom or (boss) is forcing you to get photos done.   And I know that it’s my job to make sure you when you leave, you will look back on this day and smile!

So today I say… Be You…


Here’s the link for “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

As professional photographers it is not enough to own a camera… (sadly there are those that think this is all you need) … But to also be educated in posing and lighting. To understand how light can change a face or body shape and because of this Bob, Dawn and I attend classes at least 2-4 times a year. We attend conferences and we enter print competitions… (that’s another blog post). ~Francine





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