Pittsburgh’s Mellon Park Engagement : Aubrey & Andy

The day before we were suppose to shoot Aubrey & Andy’s engagement pics I got a text saying, “Hey it looks like rain now for tomorrow!  Do you have any ideas where we could go if it does rain?” —  See in their eyes the 30% change of rain was huge — In my eyes that meant 70% NO Rain!!   So off we went to Mellon Park … Bobby & Dawn both assisted on this one, so of course we there was a lot of laughing and just fun.  Love going places I’ve never shot before.

When I asked about how they met, Aubrey said … “It depends on who you ask–Andy remembers seeing me at a Baldwin basketball game, where I remember seeing him at the St Elizabeth’s carnival for the first time. We hung out all summer and got to know each other; he finally asked me to be his girlfriend in December. He picked me up in his Dad’s two seater convertible and it was snowing!  I remember thinking he was hysterical, that night we made it official. 12/5/2003”

The proposal through Aubrey’s eyes … We went to Rivera Maya, Mexico in October with our best friends. I remember leading up to vacation I kept asking him if he was excited and he just seemed off, now I know it was because he was planning on asking me to marry him. The first day we spent out on the beach; we decided before heading out to dinner we’d go back to our room and just  relax in the  jacuzzi on our balcony for a while.    That’s were  Andy got down on one knee – “finally, after 10 years!”  10/6/2013

Mellon Park Engagement, Iron Gate EntrancePittsburgh Mellon Park Engagement in Spring Pittsburgh Mellon Park, Gates, Tulips, Spring Engagement Aubrey Pittsburgh Mellon Park Engagement yellow tintSpring Mellon Park Engagement in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Mellon Park Engagement bench frogAndy Park Engagement TulipsThe sun came out so we couldn’t help doing a  little shadow playing … shadow playing engagement session park engagement brick wall with vinesSuch a fun day … {{Hugs to you both}}




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