Pittsburgh’s Aspiring Model : Jennifer Ashley

Meet my niece Jennifer Ashley.    Jen is an aspiring model right here in Pittsburgh.    When Jen called and asked about a possible modeling portfolio – I did my research.  I really didn’t have much experience in the modeling industry, but thought, this could be fun.  She wanted practice in front of the camera and I wanted to get my creativity on ~ so with the help of my future daughter-in-law, Laura – who has an amazing knack with makeup and hair we set forth on brainstorming  ideas and gathering “eye lashes” and outfits.

My goal was to get 5 different looks.  Practice with hand poses and work with lighting.  So with Laura as my stylist we set forth.     Below are some of my shots…. if you follow me a on Facebook you may have already viewed a few of these.

Here’s a sample of her 5 looks…Jennifer AshleyJenniferAshley_Look 1JenniferAshley_Look #2


photos here are non-edited.  JenniferAshley_Look #1

JenniferAshley_Look #3for a little more interest Laura took a pair of scissors to Jen’s shorts
JenniferAshley_Look 5JenniferAshley_Look 4

Seriously can you believe her eyes…. kudo’s to Laura for some amazing makeup work.JenniferAshley_Look4

… Enjoy





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