Nick + Marisa :: Engagement

I’ve know Nick since he was in Middle School (can it seriously be that long) … he’s good friends with my son (Shawn), so when I received a text asking about my availability for his and Maris’s wedding this coming August I was elated.

How they met … (You’ll hear how he proposed next year when I post their wedding pics – so stay tuned)

Nick and Marisa were set up by mutual friends and first met at Fat Heads, here in Pittsburgh.  After the initial meeting, they did a lot of texting, but it was another month before they reconnected face to face. Marisa was in the process of moving from South Side to Shadyside, and kept breaking dates. The day that she finally moved, Nick told her she was out of excuses and that they were going to dinner the next day.  Marisa figured she would let Nick buy her dinner since she had yet to go grocery shopping for her new place. They went on their first date at Mad Mex in Shadyside, and ended up staying there for four hours. The rest is history.

Marisa was a student at Pitt University – their chosen location for their engagement session … soooo fun – These two <3 … enjoy your peek ~ {{hugs, France & Dawn}}

Marisa and Nick_01_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_02_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_04_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_03_Pitt EngagementMarisa and Nick_06_Pitt EngagementMarisa and Nick_05_Pitt EngagementMarisa and Nick_07_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_08_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_09_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_10_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_11_Pitt EngagementMarisa and Nick_12_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_14_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_15_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_13_Pitt EngagementMarisa and Nick_16_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_17_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_18_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_20_Pitt Engagement Marisa and Nick_21_Pitt Engagement


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