Kimmie & Bobby’s Girls

Update … I just finished the girls pics and have added a few more to share — Bobby, your girls are adorable and I truly enjoyed spending time with them and your mom. 

Last October Kimmie lost her fight with cancer.  Over the last few months prior to her passing, she and I had talked about getting shots of her with her girls.  Sadly her illness never allowed for this to happen.  During lent a lot of people give up desserts — me,  I give instead of giving up.  A few weeks ago, I contacted Aggie – Bobby’s mom and asked if there was anytime in April that I could keep my promise and photograph Kimmie’s babies.  I truly think she was watching over them today because the shoot  was amazing.

Here’s a few photo peek of what’s to come… love and giggles of sisterssisters in pinkKimmie & Bobby's girlsThey spotted my flower headpiece and wanted to try it on … couldn’t have been happier that it matched their outfits.  Ariana Olivia

Kimmie & Bobby's girls with flowers

Feathers and Wings Strips and Pinklittlest beauty

And since purple was Kimmie’s favorite color I thought a dark purple coloring fit this portrait perfectly….tutus and purpleAriana & Olivia … your mom had to be smiling big time as she watched over you playing and being silly and just being her perfect little girls as you did what she loved – having pictures taken. <3    {{many hugs}} ~Francine



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