Holly & Rob : Waiting for Summer

Holly and Rob are an amazing couple and very good friends with my daughter (Jess) and son-in-law (Jeff).  Over the past year I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Holly and was honored when she requested a maternity session.  Rob worked that day and was meeting us later at Duquesne University which they both had attended for additional pics.  Everyone knew they were having a girl because prior to our session they had their gender reveal party, but the name was a total secret.  So here we are at Duquesne shooting additional maternity pics and Holly asked to grab a few pics in front of a banner that read “Think Summer”unbeknownst to me this was the name they had chosen for their daughter; we definitely had a huge giggle later about how sneaky they were   ~  Enjoy Francine
PghMaternity_HollyRob_011PghMaternity_HollyRob_001 PghMaternity_HollyRob_002 PghMaternity_HollyRob_003 PghMaternity_HollyRob_004 PghMaternity_HollyRob_005 PghMaternity_HollyRob_006 PghMaternity_HollyRob_007 PghMaternity_HollyRob_008 PghMaternity_HollyRob_009 PghMaternity_HollyRob_010PghMaternity_HollyRob_012 PghMaternity_HollyRob_013 PghMaternity_HollyRob_014

By Holly …
Many friends and family have asked how we decided on naming our beautiful daughter Summer…There are many reasons why we felt that Summer would be perfect. In 2003, when Rob and I first met, we were 19 years old and Robbie Boy wrote a song for me called “An Untitled Love.” The most memorable lyric from the song was “Your heartbeat is summer….” That was the main reason we decided on the name….however, some fun facts that just solidified that it would be the perfect name for our punk rock princess was that Rob and I met and fell in love in the summer at a “summer themed” clothing store where we both worked (Hollister), we fell in love during summer break at Duquesne, we got engaged in the summer at Myrtle Beach, we got married in the summer (at Duquesne), and we found out we were expecting in the summer! Needless to say, besides the main reason, Rob’s beautiful song that he wrote for me, it was just so natural that the name Summer suited our baby girl. My grandma’s name is Grace, which is our peanut’s middle name. A few fun facts are that Summer Grace was born on my grandparents’ 64th wedding anniversary and 4-28 was my street number growing up! We are so in love with our angel baby and we are absolutely loving being mommy and daddy to our gorgeous baby doll, Summer Grace!

PghMaternity_HollyRob_015Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer034Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer023Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer016 Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer017 Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer018 Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer019 Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer021Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer020 Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer022 Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer026Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer032Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer024Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer025 Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer030 Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer033 Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer027 Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer028 Pgh_Newborn_HollyRobSummer029

To see more images from Summer’s newborn session … watch the video below

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One thought on “Holly & Rob : Waiting for Summer

  1. France,
    I love every single picture you took!!! You are so incredibly talented! Thank you for capturing our excitement prior to becoming parents during our maternity shoot and we are forever grateful for you capturing our precious peanut’s newborn shoot during her first and second week on Earth. You’re the BEST! Rob and I feel so lucky to have such a talented and creative photographer and friend like you! ❤️ Xoxo!!

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