Deciding on Photo Sizes

Part One — Stairs

Say you have a large wall going up your steps.  For reference sake, I’m going to call it a ‘stair wall’ for a better lack of words…  Now what do you do with it?

I’ve had this bare empty wall in my house since we built it in 1991.  It’s amazing how many excuses I can come up with for not adding anything:

  1. The kids would knock off anything I put there.  (Okay, that one doesn’t really work anymore, and hasn’t for a long time)
  2. I’ve been looking for just the right wall hanging.  (No excuse I have tons of photos that would have looked great)
  3. I had no idea what I wanted to do with this space.  (Bingo – give this lady a prize)

Think about it, how am I suppose to help someone design their space if mine is a blank canvas!!  It basically took my daughter getting married for me to get off my butt and do something with this huge space.  My stair wall!!  Next I had to figure out what would look best and decide on sizes and a grouping.    I knew my two main photos were going to be of Jessie and Jeff … the others would be of the bridal party and some fun photos.    I started off with (2) 20×24’s, that way I could work around them.  Adding an 12×18, 8×12 and just last week placed an order for (2) 11×14 … make sure you stop by to see updates as I build my stair wall collage!!

Ooh, and I almost left out an important part — Framed prints, Gallery Wraps, Floating Gallery Wraps or Standouts???  Before I could order I had to decide.  In the coming weeks I will show and explain the differences.   But for now, I have to say Standouts rank right up there as my favorites — they are light weight, arrive ready to hang and best of all – do not show fingerprints!!  So no worries about family or clients touching them.  And guess what — I hung them with Command Strips!!  You gotta love that — and to make sure everything was straight, I used my iPhone’s Level App!!  I did ask Jess to come over and help eyeball the first one going up, needed to  make sure I was starting in a good spot.  I could have had my husband do this, but I was missing my baby girl and yeah — I used the “I need your help” card…. Love ya, Jess!!

This is what my wall looks like so far … sizes shown are (2) 20×24, (1) 12×18, (1) 8×12  … and coming soon to this collection (2) 11×14

Here are some sample stair wall designs that gave me inspiration.

5 piece design includes:  (4) 14×11 and (1) 20×32                  6 piece design includes:  (2) 11×14, (3) 8×8 and (1) 32×30

*Side Note … I knew 8×10’s were out of the question, unless you are going to cluster these together, it’s best to only use an 8×10 in a small space or on table tops.  Now that doesn’t mean I’m not going to add any.  I may find the need for some down the road…

**Coming soon – Part Two:    Gallery Wraps, Floating Gallery Wraps and Standouts – the Difference






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