Carnegie Museum Wedding : Brittney + Scott

When asked , Scott and Brittney have different “first meeting” stories.  He says they met their first weekend at WVU and thought, Wow! She has really long legs. Unfortunately,  Brittney was not quite as good at remembering names and faces (or legs) …  Luckily, she had a little trouble with her first chemistry assignment. Back in 2005, Facebook told you who was in your classes, so she started down the list…. when she received no replies from the people she knew, she sent a message to a guy named Scott Bragg. He was online and he was done with the assignment!   She helpfully described who she was and directed him to meet her with , “I live in Stalnaker Hall, second floor, there’s a study lounge on the left. Think you can find it?” this is when you have to smile — she was mortified to see him leaving his room—just two doors down from her. following her “directions” to the study hall.   To this day they still laughed about it…     

Scott  tells the story on how he proposed … Seven years after meeting at WVU, I wanted to go back to where it all started and pop the question. We had a romantic evening walking down High Street and past the busy nightlife. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and stopped for cupcakes on the way back, reminiscing about a cupcake food fight we had in 2006. It was incredibly nostalgic for me. It was also the six-and-a-half year anniversary of our first kiss!  Then we relived our first romantic walk in front of Stalnaker Hall, and I asked Brittney that most important question, “Will you marry me?” I was  so happy when she said yes!

We were excited when Brittney & Scott opted for a “First Look” which we LOVE …  Here’s a peek at one of the most beautiful and amazing weddings of the year … hugs to you both and wishing you nothing but happiness in your life together in South Carolina.   ~ Francine                                   

carnegie musuem first lookcarnegie musuem first look at groomhere’s from my view point … carnegie musuem bride and groom first lookand these are from Dawn’s view point …IMG_9664IMG_9681IMG_9676 bride and groommusuem of dinosaurs musuem of dinosaurs weddingmusuem of dinosaurs bestman and groom musuem of dinosaurs with maid-of-honor and best mandifferent shades of purple bridesmaid dresses ceremony

bridal bouquetDetails 2Bridal Party Formal on Steps bridal party fun

IMG_9941 (2)

carnegie musuem bride and her girls sisters IMG_9385IMG_9964 (2)carnegie musuem wedding carnegie musuem bridal portraitcarnegie musuem wedding detailsDetailsIMG_9476the toasts cake cuttingfather daughter and mother son danceIMG_9518IMG_9765 (2)carnegie museum music hall.


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