Brian + Brandi : Baby Makes 3

Last May we photographed their wedding … when I received a call from Brandi that they were expecting and asked if I would shoot their maternity session … I smiled.  Yeap, that’s what I do — I smile.    Truthfully, is there anything more beautiful then a momma-to-be.

Enjoy this peek…  Park Maternity Shoot

Baby makes threeBrian + BrandiBaby makes 3Maternitybaby makes three …  meet Brian and Brandi’s beautiful baby girl Baby Girl BI  have to call this ~ #1 Catch …

#1 Catch

Side note:  I know that some photographers would have removed Brian & Brandi’s hands and arms, but as an artist I chose to keep them ~ truthfully this photo touched my heart… and I absolutely love the fist pump that Baby B is giving.  ~ triple hugs.





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